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Buddha and the Moon

The Buddha, some of the goddesses of compassion, Kanon, Kuan Yin and the bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara have been associated with the Moon, and moonlight with shining mercy. As such, the Moon has been considered a friend by many writers throughout the ages. Chiyo-ni,  … Continue reading

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Anatole France and the Yogi who tried to cheat death

Pride is a theme that has interested writers, and readers, for many centuries. Anatole France, criticizing some misogynistic novel by Alexandre Dumas, wrote (On Life And Letters, page 20) ‘intelligence is proud and takes pleasure in disputes. Religions speak to … Continue reading

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Philip Levine and Annamacharya (AKA Annamayya)

I think it may be interesting to contrast two poems on the human condition. One profane, the other sacred. One by a good social poet, recently deceased, and the other, by a poet so extraordinary, he dared to make fun … Continue reading

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Tagore and Me

Since I’m on a Tagore mood, one more post about him. When I was very young and had just returned from a ‘spiritual exercises retreat’ at a Jesuit monastery I had a dream about Tagore. If I recall it right, … Continue reading

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Rabindranath Tagore and Domingo Moreno Jimenes

Coincidences in literature are rather rare. Coincidences in literature across cultures are even rarer. So you can guess my surprise when reading Tagore’s “The question” from his Lipika collection of the 1920’s I found the following lines: The father returned … Continue reading

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FrankenFran vs Hermelinda Linda

The old Mexican comic from the seventies and the recently finished Japanese manga share more than the alliteration in the name of the main characters: they share a kind of humor that is almost unique to them. First some background … Continue reading

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