Tagore and Me

Since I’m on a Tagore mood, one more post about him.

When I was very young and had just returned from a ‘spiritual exercises retreat’ at a Jesuit monastery I had a dream about Tagore. If I recall it right, there was a poster with some poem from Tagore pasted to a wall at the monastery and that may have triggered the dream. During the dream Tagore gave me a poem to remember our meeting:
    “Since the beginning, I’ve loved your light,
    it has been my guide in the stormy seas of life,
    but if one night you extinguish your lamp,
    I’ll learn to love your silence”.

A couple decades later I came upon the source of the poem from my dream while reading through a collection of Tagore’s verse:

    “Put out the lamp when thou wishest,
     I shall know thy darkness, and shall love it”.


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